Duck Hunting

Founded in 1985, Jones Island Club has primarily been a duck hunting club. Through the years, the club has continued to build out the property to further foster our duck hunting interest. Jones Island Club offers both salt water and fresh water impoundments, in addition to open water duck hunting, which offers a wide variety of birds and a diversified experience.

Saltwater Impoundments

The club features four saltwater impoundments totaling 250 acres that are managed for moist soil natural vegetation, consisting of widgeon grass, dwarf spike rush and muskgrass. The Big Island impoundments contain fifteen duck blinds as well as various freelance hunting spots for hunting a variety of bird such as Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Widgeon and Gadwall among others.

Freshwater Impoundment

The Mayo impoundment is a sixty-six acre freshwater, high-ground impoundment located on the mainland, where agricultural crops of corn, Milo and Japanese Millet are grown each year and then flooded before duck season. There are seven duck blinds located in the Mayo impoundment for hunting a variety of bird such as Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Widgeon and Gadwall among others.

Open Water

The club owns approximately twenty-five miles of shoreline on Jones Bay, Pamlico Sound, Bay River and Bear Creek, where forty duck blinds are built and maintained for members use. These outside blinds are primarily for hunting diving ducks such as bluebills, buffleheads, and canvasbacks. Members may use the club’s private boat ramp and docking facilities to hunt open water blinds at their convenience.

Deer Hunting

Jones Island Club offers great deer hunting. The club plants numerous food plots and maintains single and two man stands for deer hunting by members and guests. Stands are located on the island as well as on the mainland. In addition to White Tail Deer, Black Bear are often seen from these stands during the year.


Pheasant Hunting

At least once each year the club hosts a Pheasant tower shoot at the tower facility located on the island, normally during the Thanksgiving weekend activities